Thank You. Our 2016-17 Budget passed

The RCS Community Library’s budget passed yesterday with 77% of the vote, and the proposition to buy our building passed with 76%.  Thank you to everyone who voted, listened to us talk about it and helped us spread the word.

Congratulations to Megan Aurelia, Joseph Boehlke, Antonio Booth and Marie Sturges who were elected to new terms as Library Trustees.

It’ll be a while for the purchase to be finalized and the space to be adapted, but we look forward to doing awesome things with you here on Main St. in the years to come!

View the Proposed Budget here.

Library Board of Trustees

There are four candidates running for four seats on the Library Board. The four incumbent candidates are Megan Aurelia, Joseph Boehlke, Antonio Booth and Marie Sturges.

The Budget vote and trustee elections was held on Tuesday, May 17th between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m.  at the RCS High School Gym.


Building Purchase Proposal

Voters also approved our Building purchase proposal via the ballot. This authorized the school district to bond on behalf of the Library. Bond payments would come out of the Library’s existing levy. Our current annual rent is $58,298. First-year payment on a 15-year bond is projected to be $40,000. The difference would go towards maintenance and into a capital reserve fund.

More information on the building purchase option is available HERE