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See Below for schedule
1 -on- 1 sessions also available by appointment on
Tuesdays 2 – 2:30 pm; 2:30 – 3 pm
Wednesday 11-11:30 am;  11:30-12 noon
or Thursdays 2 – 2:30 pm  6 – 6:30 pm or 6:30 – 7 pm

To register: e-mail or call (518) 756-2053.

We now offer 1 on 1 Tech Coaching exclusively.

The RCS Community Library offers computer training, both in group workshop and one-on-one settings.

Learn basic computer use and maintenance, or how to work with and navigate Windows and the internet. The Library also offers career-related support such as resume and cover letter assistance and tips on searching for work online. If you are mystified by Facebook, blogs, or other social media, the RCS Community Library can help you take control of your online presence and assist you in learning and utilizing social media.

1-on-1 Tech Help

Flummoxed by your Nook? Curious about your Kindle? Ready to throw your iPad across a room? Let us help.  Make an appointment with a staff member and bring whatever eReader or tablet you’ve got and we’ll (try our best to) help you download books to it or help troubleshoot any basic problems you might be having. Also come and try out our 3-D or LEGO Midstorm Robot

You can schedule up to a half-hour to work through your tech issues by emailing or  calling us at (518) 756-2053

Other technology resources:

Cypress user resume and cover letter builder guide

Cypress Resume is an online resume and cover letter builder. The platform enables users to create very basic, but professional looking resumes in three steps, and it also automates simple cover letters and reference sheets.
All resumes and cover letters created with Cypress are downloadable into MS Word.