The Mission of the RCS Community Library is to enrich lives, celebrate community and inspire creativity.

Library History


Marie Sturges, President
Megan Aurelia, Vice President
Meredith Wagoner, Treasurer
Laurie Dickerson, Secretary
Sheila Schwartz, Trustee
J. Russell Sykes, Trustee
Patricia Visconti, Trustee

The Seven-member Board develops policy, oversees financial affairs, and sets the course for Library development. Trustees are active on two or three working committees. The Board meets on the second Monday evening of each month. For additional information, speak with any member of the Board or with Judith Wines, Library Director.

2020-2023 Strategic Plan

2016 – 2019 RCS Library Strategic Plan

Responsibilities of a Library Trustee


An effective Trustee will exercise initiative to contribute to the Library’s development and stability within the framework of the goals and policies that have been adopted by the Board of Trustees.


The trustees of the RCS Community Library have the following duties, functions, and responsibilities (in addition to those stated in the By-Laws):

1. Trustees are responsible for seeing that the Library is in compliance with all Federal, State, and Local Laws, Rules, and Regulations.

2. Trustees are responsible for establishing the policies for the operation and program of the Library.

3. Trustees are responsible for the approval of the annual budget prepared by the Director and are responsible for its presentation for public approval.

4. Trustees have the responsibility of budgeting and securing funds for operational needs and building programs and authorizing specific expenditures.

5. Trustees should identify, express, and represent the needs and views of the community in Library matters.

6. Trustees should identify, express, and represent the needs and views of the Library in community matters.

7. Trustees should constantly engage in short-term and long-range planning for the Library and should constantly evaluate the management, services, methods of operation and adherence to the budget and policy of the Library.

8. Trustees will participate in at least two committees.

9. Each trustee should expect to fill the role of an officer at some point during the term of office.