You have received a strange invitation to meet your friends at the library, and have no other plans, so you come. When you arrive at the Library the door is open, but many lights are out and the building seems very quiet, even for the library… You look around and find a few of your friends, but no staff.

There is a loud noise and several ka-chunk and clicking noises. You collectively decide to leave, only to find all the doors are locked. The Main Street exit has a chain with several strange locks on it. Each lock has a similar design; a cylindrical tube with four or five spinning wheels covered in different symbols on them. They look like they must be turned to specific combinations to unlock. You begin examining the locks when you hear the phone ring… and ring… and ring…

Not knowing what else to do you answer the phone. On the other end you hear a maniacal voice.

“Welcome to the Library! I see you received my invitation. I hope you enjoy your visit. You are welcome to leave anytime. You just have to play a little game…If you can solve my five puzzles, the answers will allow you to open those 5 locks. Then you can be on your merry way. Otherwise, you’ll have to stay forever!!! Or at least until we open back up to the public tomorrow. Bwahahaha.”

“You have everything you need. Use the library’s catalog, website, and the internet to solve the puzzles and earn your freedom. ”

to begin examine the door ->