1. No smoking is permitted anywhere in the Library, or within 20 feet of its entrance.

2. Patrons are not permitted to eat in the Library or drink from uncovered containers in the Library while using its materials. No food or drink is permitted at the public computers.

3. All cell phones shall be set to vibrate, rather than ring, on library premises. Brief cell phone conversations shall be carried on at a volume that maintains the confidentiality of the conversation. Extended cell phone conversations shall take place outside or in the front entryway to reduce their impact on others’ activities.

4. Reserve a community room – Two Community Rooms are available by appointment during normal library hours for non-profit meetings and activities. The large one has a maximum legal capacity of 40 people. Approximately 10 is suitable for the smaller community room near the McConnell Ave entrance. They are not available for private parties or social gatherings.

Other details are available on the following downloadable form. Please complete and return the form to the library in person, by mail or email. On receipt of the application, the Library Director will review it. The Director has full authority to grant, refuse, or revoke permission or to set conditions for use of the meeting rooms.

Contact information:

RCS Community Library 95 Main Street, Ravena, NY 12143-1702

Email: info@rcscommunitylibrary.org

Phone: (518) 756-2053

Click HERE to Download our community room request form