Circulation Periods.

New adult books circulate for two weeks. Materials designated “high-demand” by the Library Director (generally those with three or more reserves) may be limited to two-week or one-week circulation.

Audio books, other adult print materials and all children’s print materials, including picture book/ CD sets, circulate for four weeks.

Magazines, audio-visual kits, and compact discs circulate for two weeks.

Videos and museum passes circulate for one week.

The due date for all circulating materials is exactly 28 days, 14 days, or 7 days from the borrowing date.

Renewals are possible only if there is no waiting list. Library materials, with the exception of new DVDs, may be renewed twice for their regular loan period.

Circulation Limits.

A maximum of three new RCSC books, and two new movies may be checked out per card.

A maximum of five RCSC audio books, ten movies, and five music recordings may be checked out per card.

Mycards are an option for borrowers under the age of 16. A Mycard allows for the checkout of up to three books at a time.

Media Ratings.The Library staff will shelve movies in separate juvenile and adult sections according to their assessment of thematic content. Each item will be visibly labeled with its MPAA rating if it has one. Parents and guardians are the arbiters of what children may borrow.

Music recording circulation is unrestricted by content. Recordings are shelved by genre. Music intended for children is shelved separately from other music. Parents should be aware that some recordings are marked “Parental Advisory: Explicit Content” by artist and producer.

Reserves will be held for a maximum of 1 week after the initial notification to the patron. After the week expires, if the material is not checked out, the next patron will be notified. If there are no other reserve requests, the item will be returned to circulation or returned to the lending library.

Inter-Library Loans

The Library, through the resources of Upper Hudson Library System and other local libraries, will make every effort to respond to patron requests for information and materials. Use of valuable, rare, or out-of-print materials will be restricted to the library.

Service Complaints

Complaints, from Library patrons, about service received from Library staff should be made known to the Director if received by any of the staff or the Board. The Director will provide to the complainant a form, “Citizen’s Service Complaint”. It is the Director’s responsibility to consider the complaint and respond appropriately. The Director will report such complaints to the Board at the next scheduled Board meeting.

Overdue Material

Fines. Late fines/fees for all library materials are set at ten cents each day late (counting only the days the Library is open) with a $5.00 maximum if the items are returned.

Items checked out on Mycard are exempt from late fees. Mycard borrowers are responsible for lost or destroyed items.   

Suspension of Borrowing Privileges. Library borrowing privileges are suspended when fines are $5.00 or more.

After 30 days, unreturned materials will be considered lost, and the patron will be billed for the replacement cost.

Claims Returned. If the patron claims that the materials have been returned, Library staff will conduct a search. If the material in question belongs to another library, that library’s policy shall take precedence. If a patron is confident the item has been returned, the Library may elect to mark the item “claimed returned” and the item will be removed from the borrower’s account. This option will only be exercised once on behalf of a patron.  

Damaged, Lost, or Destroyed Materials

The fine for damaged but recoverable library materials is up to $5 each. The fine for materials that are lost or need to be replaced is the replacement cost. In cases where it is impossible to determine if the current patron damaged the materials, the charge is set aside. If the full replacement cost is paid by a patron for lost materials and the material is later found and returned, the difference between the replacement cost and the maximum late fine ($5.00) is refunded to the patron.

Board approved 8/14/17