The type and quality of books and other library materials to be added to the library collection is left to the discretion of the Director. 

Disposal of Materials.   The Library Director has the option of disposing of library materials, upon consultation with and approval of the Board, above and beyond the regular weeding of the collection.

Materials Selection.  The Library shall assemble, preserve, and make easily and freely available to all its users printed and other materials that help meet the General Library Objectives.

Responsibility for Selection.  Responsibility for materials selection lies with the Library Director, who operates within the framework of policies determined by the Board of Trustees.

General Criteria

1. Materials acquired will be considered as to content, expression, and format. Overall value to the collection and to the community will be taken into consideration.

2. User demand for popular materials will not be ignored.

3. The library will keep itself informed of other publicly available resources of books and other materials in the area to avoid unnecessary duplication.

4. The library will not attempt to furnish textbooks used in schools in the area. However, textbooks are not excluded solely because they are textbooks.

5. The library cannot include in its permanent collection every book desired by its patrons. Inter-library loans should be utilized to meet requests for specialized materials. Requests by patrons for specific materials will not always result in purchase of the materials by the library.

6. Selection of materials for which there will be little or no demand should be avoided, however, demand is not the sole criteria for selection. The library has a responsibility to provide materials that interest, inform, enlighten, and challenge all the people of the community. Items should neither be excluded nor included because of race, gender, nationality, or political or religious views of the writer or of the method of expression of the writer.

7. No materials shall be excluded by taking single passages out of context and basing exclusion of that material on such passages. Materials must be considered in their entirety.

8. Sectarian propaganda material (either religious, political, or social) should not be routinely purchased or accepted as gifts. However, such materials are not automatically excluded if their acquisition is deemed to further the General Library Objectives.

Specific Criteria

In addition to the general policies in the previous section, the following factors should be considered when examining a particular title for possible acquisition.

1.      Relation to the existing collection.

2.      Permanent value.

3.      Sources of recommendation.

4.      Literary merit.

5.      Background of author.

6.      Current usefulness.

7.      Interest and needs of the community.

8.      Availability of materials elsewhere in the area.

9.      Suitability of the format of the materials for library purposes.

Acceptance of Gifts and Memorials

The Library will accept gifts and memorials with the understanding that the Director and/or the Board of Trustees has a free hand in their disposition. No gift may be accepted with conditions or an unclear title.

The Library, as represented by the Director or the Board of Trustees, is under no obligation to accept any gift or donation. It is recommended that gifts or donations whose value to the Library or to the community serviced by the Library is judged to be less than the cost or effort involved in utilizing them be rejected. Note that all offers of assistance, whether accepted or not, should be dealt with graciously.

The Library is not a museum and should rarely accept objects other than printed material.

No receipts stating monetary values of gifts will be issued. However, a list of the donated items will be provided on request. 

Reconsideration of Material

Complaints about the content of any Library materials should be made known to the Director if received by any of the staff. The Director will provide to the complainant a form “Citizen’s Request For Reconsideration of Material.” The Director will report such requests to the Board at the next scheduled Board meeting. It is the Board’s responsibility to consider the request and respond appropriately.

 Reconsideration Request Form