Computer and Internet Use Policy

Approved 10/20/14


RCSCL provides access to the Internet in keeping with its mission to be a forum for information and ideas for all members of the community. Access to the Internet is unfiltered. Be careful about giving identifying information online, in electronic mail, chat rooms, or any other interactive use. If you are concerned about your child’s use of the Internet, please accompany your child during Internet work sessions. The best protection for your child is your presence.

  1. Before a computer session at RCS Community Library: you must agree that you will follow the Library’s Computer and Internet Use Policy.
  2. Each sign-in provides a 60 minute session. There is a daily individual limit of four hours. No more than two people should be at one computer. They must be seated. No food or uncovered drinks may be at the computers.
  3. Personal work should be saved to a portable USB flash drive, or can be mailed it as an attachment to an email address. Work that has been saved onto the computer’s hard drive is deleted whenever the computer is restarted.
  4. Each page printed from the computer, including web site pages, full text of magazine articles, and encyclopedia pages, charts, and maps, costs 15 cents. (20 cents for double sided)  As with all formats, you must respect copyright laws and licensing agreements.
  5. Library staff will provide basic instruction to help users with Internet access. Staff will not be available for continual support during on-line sessions. Internet training sessions will be scheduled on a regular basis.
  6. The location of the computers and frequent need for staff support reduce the possibility for privacy.
  7. All work, including printing, must be finished ten minutes before the library closes.
  8. The Library Staff monitors computer use only with regard to equality of access. The Library does not take responsibility for any individual’s use of the computers or the Internet. The Library cannot guarantee the accuracy, truthfulness, or age-appropriateness of information on the Internet.
  9. Disruptive behavior at the computers includes hate speech, child pornography, obscenity, hacking, and other illegal activities, as well as any other activity interfering with the legitimate library business of others. That includes Internet viewing which the Library staff judges to be disruptive or seriously disturbing to other people in the library.

Disruptive behavior by a computer user will end the session.

Computer users who are rude to staff may be asked to leave the library for the rest of the day.

Computer users who continue their disruptive behavior, or argue with staff in defiance of reasonable policy decisions, may not return to the library for the rest of the week.

If necessary, the Library staff will call upon police officers to intervene and handle illegal, abusive, or threatening behavior.

  1. Serious violations of the Library’s policy may result in the violator being banned from computer use and/or library use for up to three months. Decisions may be appealed to the Library Board of Trustees, whose decision is final. Disciplinary procedures are outlined in Section 2E of the Library’s Operating Policies.